It’s undeniable that today’s workforce is more interconnected and tech-savvy than ever. As employees continue to use their personal devices for work and expect to have access to their apps and networks no matter where they are, enterprises have to respond to that demand.

On November 19, 2015, IDG, HPE Matter and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, co-hosted a #DigitalWorkChat on Twitter focused on building mobile-enabled workplaces. We discussed how participants’ businesses can enable solutions to drive productivity from anywhere and how the trends of flexible workplace IT can impact their enterprise in the future.

Top insights

  • According to Mark Lockton-Goddard, there are three components to creating a successful mobile workplace while ensuring data security: assessing risk, agreeing upon a response posture and changing the culture.
  • When an enterprise considers building its own mobile apps for its workforce, William Dudley believes those apps need to improve both employee productivity and loyalty.
  • From a psychological perspective, Ginerva Adamoli, Ph.D, cited the existence of studies that prove employee use of social channels boosts productivity.
  • Nick Gonzalez raised a valid point about the demands of a truly mobile workforce—IoT devices require resource-strapped IT teams to take on additional responsibility.
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