The journey to paperless healthcare with Cambridge University Hospitals and HPE

When most people think of the technology that’s improving hospitals today, they conjure up ideas of sophisticated x-ray machines, futuristic lab tools and even robotic surgical equipment.

They don’t, however, think about the technology infrastructure that is decreasing wait times, speeding up the prescription process and providing patients with an overall better experience.

Leaders at Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) in the U.K. had a vision of improving technology to best serve patients and turned to HPE to help implement this vision. CUH began a 10-year journey with HPE to transform into an entirely paperless, digital eHospital. In the two years since the transformation, the hospital has seen significant improvement in its overall functioning and, most importantly, patient care.

Today’s healthcare operations have to manage massive volumes of data while rapidly generating more each day. Simply relying on manual chart review does not allow you to keep pace when it comes to handling the overwhelming percentage of clinical data that exists in free unstructured text formats. For more information, check out our whitepapers on “HPE’s Big Data Analytics for Healthcare Organizations” and “Use Case: Enable rapid ROI on clinical data with HP Healthcare Analytics.”

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